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Hey there!
I'm Loïc Ndame
Mobile Developer & Researcher

I design and create Mobile apps

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Mobile App Design
Ui/Ux Design
-33.99136025.656912 Port Elizabeth
//Words About
Loic Ndame
The way is forward.

Moving the African continent,
one creative mobile solution at a time

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can." Sydney Smith

Ui/Ux Design

Well designed applications not only make them easy to use but boost the confidence of the user.

Mobile Development

We all have one in our pocket; we spend a great deal of time staring at them, we should be gearing most solutions toward them.


I am not a fully fledged academic, but the idea of stopping to learn terrifies me.

Enabler of development

Nothing in this era, will have a more profound impact on the African continent, than the proliferation of mobile technologies.

My Portfolio

Some Interesting & Totally Random Facts
About Me

In the picture: me giving a talk on creative and digital innovation at the Science Forum South Africa (2018) held at the Convention Centre of the CSIR Pretoria.

Finished projects
Learning Years
Working hours
Coffee Cups(OMG)
My Resume //

Some Words About Me

The Journey so far

"Loïc is an extremely talented, hardworking and dedicated individual with a bright future ahead. He delivers work of an exceptionally high standard and is not prepared to settle for mediocrity. He is an asset to the team of the Centre for Community Technologies and continuously challenges himself in his postgraduate research studies."

Prof. Darelle van Greunen

Dynamic Vision Technologies (DVT)

01. -

Senior Developer

Lead developer for Android deployee at Discovery, or wherever else

  • Mentorship
  • Micro service
  • Development
Details +

02. -

Software Engineer

Involved in the design and development of Android and Growth platform,

  • Growth and Retention
  • Design
  • Development
Details +

Centre for Community Technologies (NMU)

03. -

Senior Developer

Involved in the design and development of mobile applications (Primarily Android)

  • Requirement specifications
  • Design
  • Development
Details +

Researcher Assistant

04. -

Nelson Mandela University

On going research in the field of electric mobility

  • Promoter: Prof Darelle van Greunen
  • User experience/ E-agriculture/E-Mobility

HEDIS - Cape Town

05. -

University of Cape Town

Course on idea generation, design thinking, development of personas and prototypes and how to pitch your ideas effectively.

Details +

Project Health Screener

06. -

Design, Development and Training

Development of a mobile application that will assist nurses in the health screening of pupils at various schools in the Eastern Cape. Stakeholders:

  • Tech4Red
  • Dept. Science and Technology

Hydroponic Project

07. -

Software Team Leader

Development of a mobile system for hydroponic farms in the region of South Africa. The system helps in the monitoring of vital variables in a greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, pH, and EC

  • Fraunhofer Portugal
  • Small Commercial hydroponic farms in Eastern Cape
Details +

Master of Technology Information Technology(Cum Laude)

08. -

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Research skills .

Bachelor Of Technology Information Technology Software Development

09. -

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

4th year of study that leads to a high degree of specialisation.

National Diploma Information Technology Software Development

10. -

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Three years course to effectively solve business-related problems, and trains extensively in areas such as computer software, computer hardware, networks and the analysis, design and implementation of software solutions..

Diploma Information Technology Programming (Distinction)

11. -

Varsity College - Pretoria

A two year course focused on hands-on programming practice

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What happens when
I cool off

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll in a nature reserve; I am an avid hiker. Lucky for me there is an endless number of beautiful trails in South Africa.

//How I Work

How I Work

The Work Process I believe in

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Discuss the project

    Spend most of the time thinking about the problem.

    Go through a rigorous ideation and planning process. Most people want to see me jumping directly in front of the PC and start typing lines of code. The most important part of programming for me happens on a notepad.

  • Develop & elaborate

    Still no lines code

    Are we done planning? Great! Now death by prototypes. We are going to develop prototypes until we are 85% sure we are on the same page. (It can never be 100%, people change their minds all the time)

  • Final Steps


    If one and two were done right, this is a walk in the park. And everybody is happy!


My Own Developer's Skills and

In the picture: me with some very influential women of our times. (Will not mention names). Drop me a message to tell me how many you recognised and the impact they might have had on your life. Get In Touch


Leading Interest

My passions, what keeps me on my toes.
01. -

Enabling Mobile Technologies



Developer Skills

Just tools to provide the best solution to the beneficiary.
02. -
Mobile Programming
Restfull API
No SQl, SQL Server, MySQL, Cloud Firestore

Language Skills

Fluent in these languages
03. -




Ready to be part of an awesome team!

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